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about us  



we are creating a community that empowers each other to create beautiful art and a more beautiful, friendly, inclusive, welcoming future for society.

we do this through a number of ways, through our models, our workshops, our venues, and the instructors that we work with. 

our workshops and events

we create a safe space in each of our workshops for anyone to develop their artistic practice in the life art form. even if you are a complete beginner or an established artist, you can always find support and guidance at one of our workshops.

london is a lonely place and being an artist can be even lonelier. we aim at all points to make our events a friendly, inclusive and social environment, creating life art in a social sense.

after each class we host drinks over an exhibition of art works and we also run art gallery socials for anyone who doesn't have a friend to go to an art gallery with.

our life models

each one of our life models are paid above the standard pay rate for art modelling. we aim at all points to promote diversity through the life models that we host in our workshops. we believe that through our life models and the life art that is created during our sessions we can change societal perceptions around social issues like gender identity. 

our venues

we exclusively host our workshops in small arts venues to help contribute to building the art community around London from the ground up. the art scene is so often dominated by big art galleries that have no open submission policy for artists, which gives smaller artists no opportunity to promote their work. we want to build a new art community that supports and empowers smaller artists. 

our instructors

we employ artists at the start of their careers to instruct our workshops. unlike bigger arts institutions, having an art degree doesn't matter to us. we focus on employing instructors who are talented in their fields and who want to convey their love for their art form to everyone in each class.


our prices

our workshops are priced below the threshold of any other art class in london to increase the number of people getting into art. we operate on a non profit basis, any profits from our classes are reinvested into making the art club the best place it can be. we are also funded by the University of London which allows us to run occasional free workshops for UoL students. 

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